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Bonnie Dogs Dog Grooming

Bonnie Dogs Dog Grooming

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Furminator Deodorizing Waterless Spray
Furminator Deodorizing Waterless Spray

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Satisfied Customers

Bonnie Dogs Satisfied Customers

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Satisfied Customers
Here are some pictures of our products in use. If your pooch would like their picture on this page please email us at .

Speedy with Dog Mate Tuffchew.

Buffy relaxing on her leather bed.

Beautiful Barney in Blue Bones.

Darcey with Dog Mate Tuffchew.

Lady looking lush in Foliole Collar!

Charlie in his blue raincoat.

Maddy wants some sleep on her leather bed.

Billie in her red bandana.

Charlie wearing his British hoodie.

Clyde looking cool in blue kitsch.

Pretty boy Shannon in his bandana.

Diesel looking dapper in Swirl Collar.

Sweet Maddy in Green Heart Collar.

Beautiful Bea in Pink Bones collar.

Harry looking handsome in his Red Bones Collar.

All Mine! Pink Comfort Bone, Tuff Chew and Loofah Dog.

Merlin in his bathrobe

Merlin in his Puppia grey snuggle sweater

Just Cruisin'!

Barney the barnster in his Birthday Bling!!

YIPEEE! No more muddy paw prints!! Hadji & Jasper in their Dry Dog Bags

Sweet little Diddy all cosy and dry in his All In One

Jake just can't wait to go for a walk in his new Pucci Harness!

Cosmos looking cute in her pink paws collar.

Tosca in all the Christmas trimmings!

Pepper is all ready for the Christmas party.

Rexx can't wait for Santa to arrive!!

Sweet Tara in her Elf hat.

Minnie looking lovely after meeting the furminator!

Little Fred - He just loves to shop from his big chair!

Mr Bo Jangles looking so cute in his bandana!

Mr Bo Jangles again he has been out hunting in the wild wild west!!

Prince admiring his new stud collar & it looks just perfect!!

Otto says Furminators aren't only for dogs!

Sweet little Sammy wonders whether to kick or bite her favourite ball!

Sweet Little Shona sparkling as she sleeps in her Art Leather Collar.

Wee little Winston - is sending you all a kiss in his new hoodie.

Riley- Looking Super Cool in his Blue bandana!

TOP DIVA Velvet - In her new red harness.

Harvey the Boxer looking very handsome in his Hoodie.

SNOOPY - A true Man City supporter!!

This is Jay Jay looking stunning in his Big Stud cheveron collar!!

This is not a dog!! This is Nibbles a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. He looks great in his personalised t-shirt it says "Your Mama dresses you funny too!"

CSI Agent Amber is ready for duty on a Midsomer Murder Case.

Archie is very smartly dressed for dinner. It looks like yummy kebab tonight!!!!

This is cheeky Bulldog Nelson looking cute in his personalised bandana.

Stylish Lily in her "Bitch With Style" T-shirt. The perfect garment choice!!

This is sweet little Arnie who is sitting down again in his "Too Posh To Walk" T-shirt.

Boo just loves travelling safely in his car with his RAC harness on.

Here is beautiful Boo again all ready for walkies in his soft Puppia harness.

Daisy's just DOTTY about her new bandana!!

Oscar is all ready to pull Santa's sleigh!

This is cute little Roxy. She looks great in her CHEEKY denim jacket.

This is sweet litlle liffey. She looks so cosy and warm in her cable knit jumper.

Sweet Liffey again looking so pretty in her pink personalised t-shirt.

Ollie wishes you all a chilled out Christmas! It is Ollie's first Christmas and he just can not wait for Santa to arrive.

Cute little Corrie just loves going walkies now in this comfy red harness.

Here come the boys! Milo and Benji looking great in their camouflage harnesses.

Kandu and Komere are both keeping cosy and warm in their Duckie Bathrobes.

Sweet little Sasha looking very smart in her red harness.

These two Fox Terriers Billy and Jake just loved joining in all the Christmas festivities!

Team Mascot Lottie hoping to bring lots of luck to the England Girls Indoor Cricket Team.

Introducing the one and only Lucas Terrier Mischievous Millie Munn! She looks so cute in her red harness.

Chelsea looking gorgeous in her Candy Stripe Collar.

Boo looking very handsome and proud of his new harness.

Sam The Man - Waiting to cruise around town with the top down!

This is Cool Dude Ape! Showing off in his personalised T-Shirt.

Two very satisfied customers Eden & Harvey. They just look fantastic in their Fashion Bandanas.

Kinza - Posing in her 1st Birthday T-Shirt. What a diva!

At only 9 weeks old Cooper is enjoying posing for the camera in his personalised dog Tee.

Introducing the Dashing Rupert! He is very proud of his new harness.

Say CHEESE! - Big smiles from Millie & Dylan. They are so happy to be dry in their new Puppia dog coats.

Wearing her personalised dog tee is lovely Labradoodle Molly. She had so much fun with her friends playing musical sits at her 1st Birthday Party!

Proud Jake posing in his new Ezy Dog Harness. It is the perfect colour for him!

Here is the lovely Springer Spaniel Jake again enjoying his Tuffchew.

Millie is all ready to go cruising with the top down in her MX5!

This is Cool Dude Pat posing in his personalised hoodie!

These Ridgebacks now dine in comfort with their feeding stations.

Here comes Santa Paws! This is Bosley wishing you all a Merry Christmas with his personalised Christmas Bandana.

Tuffchews are great for sharing. As shown by best friends Rupert & Clover!

Looking cute & keeping all cosy and warm, The Moog just loves wearing his personalised hoody.

Zan is so glad to wearing her hoodie as English summers at the beach can be very cold.

Well I think we know what Percy's thinking about.......

Percy proudly showing off his Christmas Pudding T-shirt.

Ollie & Muddles can not wait for wet walikes now they can stay dry and warm in their khaki coats.

Zaffer is so excited about his new hoodie he can not keep still for the camera!

Zaffer is nice & warm in his personalised CREW Hoodie, but the water is still too cold for his paws!

This is Oliver who just loves posing in his new harness!

HO HO HO here's Jodie, keeping a watchful eye on all the presents.

Sweet little Tilly, looking so cosy in her pink Sheepy Coat.

Sweet little Bonnie not only wished everyone a Happy Christmas, she also helped open all the presents!

Here is cute Staffie pup Kym she is posing proudly in her hoodie because on the back it says Scottish & Proud!

At just 17 weeks old this Labrador pup Yogi is causing trouble and is warning everyone to look out! What a charmer Yogi is going to be.

Travis the dude! Posing in his elf hat and personalised t-shirt. He bought smiles to everyones faces this Christmas and certainly loved all the attention.

This is cute ChiShi Tobie all snug and warm in his Sheepy Coat.

Posing patiently in his t-shirt is Tindall No:1 Rugby Fan!

Meet the Adorable Alfie, his owners were so glad he wore his coat on this muddy walk!

Another Adorable Alfie. He gets all the tails wagging when he meets his friends wearing his new fashion accessory!

Rio is just checking he has everything in his bag before going off to work at the sports shop in his uniform.

After a hard day working at the Sports Shop Rio likes nothing better than chilling out on the chair in his personalised hoodie!

From Malta meet the stunning Tentor posing in his personalised T-shirt.

Tired out after all that posing for the camera. Tentor has a little nap in his hoodie. It has trouble maker printed on the back we do not believe that for one moment, he looks too sweet to cause any trouble!

This is stunning Siberian Husky Seren showing off her new Ezydog Collar & Harness in red definitely the right colour for her!

Lovely Little Leo in his Bandana. Leo can now be approached with the care he requires so he does not get startled.

Meet Mason he is all ready for bed in his hoody. Not sure he is going to leave any room for his owners though!

What a true gentlman Mason is. He has left plenty of room for his owners!

Despite sunny skies, Rosie feels you can't be too careful with Welsh weather so she is keeping her new All In One Raincoat on!

Amber's hoping for a BIG part in Casualty!

Well it just had to be the PINK harness for cute little Rosie.

Meet the stunning Stanzi wearing her Easter Bandana. This is her first Easter and she can not wait for the celebrations to begin!

After a long wet walk beautiful Bailey snuggles down for a snooze in his Dry Dog Bag.

Ruby looking radiant in her personalised Hoodie.

Jesse & Molly are so excited they are off on holiday. With their Pac-a-macs on they are prepared for the Great British Weather!

Looking very glam in her Easter Bandana is Ceilidh. She can not wait to join her best friend Stanzi and celebrate Easter in their matching outfits!

Gorgeous Toby can not wait to wish his Daddy a Happy Birthday!

Now Toby is really smiling as he makes the BIG announcement!

This little ball of fluff is the adorable Angus looking very smart in his red Puppia harness.

Buster is such a lovely Shar Pei but he feels the cold, but not anymore as his Autumn Leaves Jumper keeps him all cosy and warm.

Sadly after a road traffic accident this beautiful Newfounland called Nero was unable to swim. But now with the assistance of the Ezydog Life Jacket he is back doing what he loves.

This very cuddly pair of Newfoundlands Otis and Luna are wearing (underneath all the fur) Blue and Pink Vine fancy dog collars made to measure at 36 inches now that is HUGE!

In his Bonnie Dogs Raincoat the adorable Alfie is all ready for another wet walk!

This is Boris a very stunning Russian Black Terrier. He is holding his favourite toy the Giggling Christmas Tree and his tail has not stopped wagging since it arrived!

Gorgeous Great Dane Bailey is all prepared for his first camping trip now he has his personalised raincoat to keep him dry.

This Pug Chunk helped his Daddy to propose! As nobody could resist Chunks charm the answer was of course YES!! Congratulations.

Looks like rain AGAIN! But Mylo does not mind he has his Pac A Mac to keep him dry.

Here's Ozzie! Not only looking cool but feeling cool too in his Cooling Bandana.

Mr Dibble looking fantastic in his new glitzy fancy dog collar!

Wolf Dog Red in her personalised Hoodie. With "In training please stroke me" printed on the back Red is lapping up all the extra attention!

Roxie looking gorgeous in her personalised hoodie that she just loves wearing to keep her cosy & warm on cold walks.

Wow what a poser Shae is and so he should be as he looks stunning in his personalised collar.

Humphrey is all smiles as he has his pac-a-mac on to keep him nice and dry.

Rosie is just so proud of her Therapy Dog Collar as she just loves helping her mum out.

Boo got so spoilt on her Birthday. She wore her birthday bandana and doggles as she tucked into her Birthday cake.

Having a rare calm moment to pose in his coat is the fabulous Ed. The personalised coat asks people to ignore him as Ed finds it so hard to contain his excitment from any attention!

Coco & Tanya looking super glam after a bath and brush with our grooming products.

This little Diva Sadie just loves posing in her new Pink Calice fancy dog collar!

This cute Rugby fan Reacher just loves supporting his team in his personalised hoodie.

Destino the chilled out dude just loves his new Ezydog harness.

Sweet little Millie takes a moment to enjoy the view while out walking in her Ezydog harness.

Haze is so happy now to walk in the rain as she has her coat to keep her all cozy and dry.

Beautiful Birthday Girl Bronte is waiting patiently to tuck into her Birthday Biscuit!

In her Puppia Harness sweet little Sindy had so much to learn and explore on her very first walk!

Not only does she look great in her personalised hoodie but Dubs feels very special now she has been officially crowned!

Yippee! No more daily baths for Judy, her new All In One Coat keeps her dry and mud free.

Is it Santa? Is it Postman Pat? No it's Super Dog Bertie in his All In One Coat looking to roll in every puddle he can!

This is cool dude Blaze posing in his bandana!

Patiently waiting for her biscuits is beautiful Bullmastif Bobbi. She just loves her personalised Princess Hoodie.

Super star Yogi is sure to be seen in his new Reflective Vest which says "Yogi bear, Help for stroke victim"

Poppy takes her security job very seriously - no one is coming through that door unless she says so!

Wearing a personalised hoodie and looking so very cute is Doncaster Rovers fan Eddie!

Daisy is dressed and waiting patiently for Santa to arrive so she can be his best Little Helper!

Meet American Bulldog Finn from the icy cold Netherlands. He just loves playing in the snow now as he has his personalised coat to keep him warm & dry.

Enjoying the snow is the very handsome Toby in his Ezy Dog Harness.

Pretty little Poppy had so many kisses this Christmas when she wore her "Kiss Me" Antlers.

Looking so cute in her t-shirt is Lizzie the Airedale puppy. She is letting Amos in Alaska know how much she loves him.

Totally gorgeous & totally spoilt is Harvey posing in his personalised hoodie.

and in his personalised bandana!

and here Harvey can not be missed in his reflective bandana!

At 14 beautiful Bonnie deserved a little snooze after being Santa's Little Helper over Christmas!

At 15 and also having a rest is the stunning Shadow. He was so tired after trying to find his missing balls in the snow!

Cute little Cooper just loves emptying his new toy box!

This is cool dude Monty in his personalised hoodie!

Zoe looks like a proper princess in her personalised hoody!

Springer Spaniels Sexy Sid & Top Dog Charlie just can not stop smiling as they love their new personalised raincoats!

Wow this is the stunning Salem looking so regal in his new collar.

This is cute little Katie in her new Red Heart Collar. She is now the poshest pup in her park!

Cute little Broghan all dressed and ready for work!

Here's little Westie Bevin enjoying her walk wearing her new personalised bandana

Let's go over there! Bracken's ready to explore the beach in her new EzyDog harness

Bracken has packed her backpack and is ready to go camping - what fun!

Blossom is looking forward to going for a walk in her new Quick Fit Harness

English Springer Rough has found the perfect harness - it even matches his fur colour!

Welsh Springer puppy Welly can't believe his luck – a whole toy box of toys just for him!

So tired after all that playing, Welly can’t even stand up to eat out of his personalized dinner set

Thanks to her new bandana people now know not to startle Daisy because she is deaf

Meet adorable Alfie the 10 week old Newfoundland, he looks so cute in his new bandana

Teddy is sure to get a warm welcome on his next holiday to Spain – Viva España!

Dizzy Izzy Lets Get Busy, whatever the weather!

A bit of rain won't stop Aisy Daisy from Going Crazy!

Vinnie really can't wait for Christmas - he's already wearing his Santa Paws Hoodie!

Daisy the Dachshund looks simply adorable in her personalised hoodie

This is 'Smokin Stan Wilson' sporting his new personalised hoodie!

This handsome fellow is Kaiser, he looks great in his new Dude hoodie.

This is Baylei looking very smart in his new DoxLock Harness

Here's Griffin looking gorgeous modelling a black hoodie

Drifter looks simply stunning in spots

Brady loves his new Santa hat...

...though Bronson isn't too sure!

Bluebell hopes Santa agrees that chewing logs to make kindling is definitely GOOD!

Fresh and clean from their bath, beagles Bob and Harry chill out in their new bathrobes

Honey wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Rescued Darcy Mc in her Turkish Delight collar looking banging!

Bailey relaxing in her new cool Red Doxlock Harness!

"In Training Ignore Me" Ruby in her Vest and Pink Bandana!

Santa Paws! Ruby looking very comfy in her Christmas Hoodie!

Taking a nap in her Gorgeous Celtic Hearts collar.

Jack the Pug posing for the photo in his Cooling Bandana, very smart!

Marley the Weimaraner, in his new Best Big Bro Hoody! Looking gorgeous with his little brother Dylan.

Shadow the Chocolate Labrador, a very cool pup in his Red Bandana!

Storm the Whippet about to go exploring in his DoxLock harness!

This is Bear recovering from surgery in his personalised hoody.

Being blind doesn't stop Billy from enjoying the beach.

This is DD in her reflective vest showing people she may have a disability but she's no different to any other dog!

Ailena is braving the outside world in her new reflective vest.

A Bouncing boxer taking his new Dox Lock harness for a test run!

This is Peter looking rather smart in his new harness.

Toro looking rather royal in her gypsy rose collar.

Cutie Trixi the trip hazard!

This lovely German Shepard is well prepared for the 'Race For life' with his Team Turnbull t-shirt.

This is chub the Bull Mastiff cross Great Dane, taking her Dox Locks harness for a bit of cross country jumping!

This is gorgeous Gucci modelling her pink Doggles, doesn't she look glam!

This is Blaze, doesn't she look smart in her new 'Red shell' collar!

This is cheeky boy Toby looking very happy to be in his Ezy Dog harness!

Ilana is certainly not camera shy when modelling her Ezy Dog harness!

This is Beau all ready for the race for life in her personalised Bandana!

This is stunning Shelby celebrating her 1st birthday in her Bonnie Dogs party hat!

These beautiful boys are Hans (middle) Bailey to the left and Brutus looking very smart in there new Bonnie Dogs t-shirts!

Border Terriers Juno & Gyro trying out their new Quick Fit harnesses.

Holly the Assistance Dog looking fab in her Special Ambassador Bandana.

This is Buster waiting by the chimney for Santa to arrive!

Boss Showing off his new Jacket!

Suki showing off her new Ezy Dog Harness!

Ilana out on a walk in her new All in one Raincoat!

Ben and Sam the Choc Labs in their new Christmas outfits!

Bailey wearing his new warm dog Hoodie

Thai the 14wk American Bulldog in his new Team Elite hoody!!

Ilana the Cocker Spaniel Wearing her new EzyDog Harness ready for her walk.

Buster The Shar Pei wearing his new Bonnie Dogs Tshirt!

Archie the Chihuahua celebrating the Jubilee in style.

Dolly the rescue dog who has had one eye removed in her new Bandana!

George and his new Star collar!

Sam the Chocolate lab and his beautiful new collar!

Muffin the cat playing in the Dogs Toy box!

Boyka the 15 week old Akita in his new Ezy Dog walking and car harness!

This is lovely Olivia taking over the sofa in her "My House, My rules Bonnie Dogs hoody!

This is the very cute Percy looking very amused in his new Bonnie Dogs T.Shirt! Happy Howloween everyone :)

This is lovely Lillie in her new coat, she wasn't allowed a pink one so she has pink print instead! :)

Kenzo is looking great in his Security hoody!

Blake looks so cute in his Christmas Hoody! He will be wearing it for the whole of this festive season :)

Albi is nice and warm in his new hoody!

Koda is very pleased with his new coat, he looks great!

Here is Cadi (Welsh for Katie) in her Wales Dog Coat. She supports the Welsh Rugby Team.

Here is Mistymoo in her Top Bitch Bonnie Dogs Hoody keeping warm in the snowy weather.

Here is Red the Husky x Boxer (His owners call him a Husker) in his new Eire Green Dog Collar :)

Louis the Jack Russell Terrier modelling his new Festival Mascot T Shirt

Daisy looking pretty in pink is now ready for summer wearing her bandana and doggles

This is Boris the pub dog in training in his new T-Shirt :)

This is lovely Hugo in his new Saving Saints T-Shirt, he looks great!

This is Ko-Ko, Katisha and Oki the poodles wearing their T-Shirts to support Epilepsy action. A friend of these pooches is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise money, Good Luck!

Max and Cara looking great in their new hoodies

Bella looking great in her Eye Candy T-Shirt

Steve in his "Help For Heroes" Dog Bandana, ready for Remembrance Day.

This handsome St Bernard is looking great in his new personalised coat!

Alfie the Weimaraner in his new Wet Nose Warm Heart Bonnie Dogs T-Shirt

This is Oscar and Macy the Bulldogs in their new Hoodies, they look great :)

The Fit Flex Bulldogs looking great in their new hoodies!

17 week old Marley looking great in his new hoodie!

Marley looking very handsome in his new Azure Fancy Dog Collar.

Jess the Working Cocker Spaniel in her new vest, she looks great!

Lancashire Heeler Turbo who is blind showing off his Caution I'm Blind Bandana with his best pal Spook on the Beach

Turbo the Lancashire Heeler looking great in his reflective Bandana having a great time on the beach

Zak the gorgeous Border Collie looking very smart in his new Sailors Ink Collar

Wilfred the Bichon looking very smart in his new EzyDog Green Camo Neo Collar

Watch out, Hamilton's about! Hamilton showing off his new Bonnie Dogs hoody!

Handsome Mucker looking very proud in his new Bonnie Dogs Hoody

Benji the Yorkshire Terrier showing off his new Yorkshire Terror T-Shirt!

This is how Frank the Pug broke the exciting news about his little brothers expected arrival :) Congratulations!

Cheeky Teddy the 8 month old Maltese x Bichon Frise in his new All In One Trouser Suit, he's not quite sure about it yet though!

Henry the gorgeous Rottweiler looking very handsome in his new reflective bandana.

Sasha the Staffie in her new Forever Home Hoodie, she loves it!

Missy sporting her new personalized T-Shirt, we think she looks great :-)

Charlie looking very handsome in his new Hoody :)

Charlie again showing off his new hoody

Poppy feeling festive in her very own Elf Hat

Holly looking very gorgeous and totally rocking her very own Mrs Santa Outfit

Horace the Lab going for the "Off the ear" look in his Santa Outfit

Oscar the Lab not feeling so bah humbug in his Christmas Outfit now the treats are out!

Otter the Lab showing off his Christmas Jumper at puppy class on Christmas Day

Bailey just loves his Christmas Jumper he had a right strop when it was time to take it off!

Stitch the Boerboel looking fab in her new Hoodie

Looking very smart on her walk in her new Hoodie, Stitch looks great!

Eddy looking very cool in his new Hoodie

Eddy the Staffy again showing everyone just how affectionate he is looking very smart in his new Hoody

Frankie the Dachshund looking very relaxed snuggling up to her toy showing off her brand new bandana

Jenson the rescue looking warm and ready to rumble in his new Hoody

Jenson again looking proud in his hoody, his mum just loves everything F1 :-)

Leica the 9 Month old Dobermann keeping warm in her new hoody when out on her walk

Lovely Leica again looking fantastic in her Lover not a Biter Hoody

This little Chihuahua is now prepared for training in his reflective bandana. He's not in training for sleeping - that he is really good at already!

Rosie looking very smart in her T-Shirt

Rosie again, looking very proud in her T-Shirt in memory of her Grandad

Showing off her favourite team in her new T-Shirt, Rosie supports Man Utd!

Moo the French Bulldog snuggling up in her new Hoody

Moo loves her new hoody, apparently she doesn't want to take it off

Monty loves his new coat :-)

Tyak is very proud of his new raincoat

Hank looking very handsome in his new coat

Hank again, showing off his new coat, everyone wants to give him a cuddle but Hank can be slightly nervous of people so the coat does the trick

Little Ossie looking very cute showing off his new engraved tag

Jess the Welsh Sheepdog looking very smart kitted out in her new Wales Hoody ready for the Rugby World Cup

Cooper chilling in his new personalised dog T-shirt

Fudge looking very smart in his new personalised dog bandana

This pooch needed a new T-Shirt to help stop him licking his stitches after surgery, it did the job and he was showing his support for Wales at the same time!

Melong the Dachshund looking super smart and cosy in his new hoody

Melong again feeling very festive in his new Christmas Outfit

Melong is all ready for Christmas wearing his new Reindeer Antlers

Bobby and Oliver the Boxers looking fab in their new Christmas Outfits

Aussie loves his new Adidog Coat, looking good!

Luna and Jenson all cosy in their new Pyjamas!

Luna and Jenson all smiles in their PJ's

Hi Bonnie Dogs Team, The dogs loved there hoodies, they fit absolutely perfect! - Lauren

Hi Bonnie Dogs Team, The dogs loved there Hoodies, they fit absolutely perfect! - Lauren

Absolutely thrilled with the dog t shirt thank you so much. - Karen

Thank you Bonnie Dogs! Milo will be nice and warm now out on winter walks!! - Sarah

Thank you for my dogs lovely Christmas outfit - Barbara

Absolutely love it, she can represent our running club at cross country races now!Thank you, fits perfect - Laura

Ruby ready to help Marshall at Parkrun on Saturday! Thanks for speedy delivery - Allyson

Hi everyone, I am in the park with my Frisbee, it's my favourite toy that why I need a new one. - Janice and Dougie

Thanks Bonnie Dogs for our hoodie. Kevin looks rather fetching in it she is just getting used to clothing, being a hairless she needs too - Emma

Milly and Jazz looking very gorgeous in their new hoodies.

Really happy with our order for the company, thank you! - Stuart H

Just wanted to say thank you for Bentley's (my rescue terrier-cross) new t-shirt. - Melanie W

Thought that you would like to see Skye sporting her lovely bandanna to celebrate her first birthday - doesn't she look cute. Many thanks for your prompt service and great product - P Cole and Skye

Thank you SO much for the lovely t-shirts, both for myself and of course Ozzie, pictured!! They are super and I will certainly be ordering more and passing your name on to others..Thank you so much. - Rachel A

As promised a pic for your website of our furbaby tinks with her new clothes from Bonnie dogs - K Kirkland

Tinks in her pink adidog bandana - K Kirkland

Hamish looking very handsome smiling in his new personalised bandana

Buster the Rottie keeping warm in his new hoody

Buster the Rottie again looking handsome in his new work T-Shirt

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