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Bonnie Dogs Dog Grooming

Bonnie Dogs Dog Grooming

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Nylabone Hot Dog And Ice Cream Flavour Chews
Nylabone Hot Dog And Ice Cream Flavour Chews

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  5. I Am Deaf Reflective Dog Vests
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Slow Down Antigulp Dog Bowls
 Slow Down Antigulp Dog Bowls
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Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Dog Toys Black Lab
 Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Dog Toys Black Lab
 £33.99 View Details
Thunder Shirt for Dogs
 Thunder Shirt for Dogs
 £36.99 View Details
Walker Dog Boots
 Walker Dog Boots
 £11.99 View Details
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Dog Oral hygiene is just as important as it is for us humans (and there's a reason why it's called dog breath!). Our finger dog toothbrushes are great for getting puppies used to having their dog teeth brushed, before they're ready to move on to the Triple Head Dog Toothbrush, which makes brushing dogs teeth quicker by cleaning all three tooth surfaces at once. The PPP Pro Care Dog Dental Gel dog toothpaste is specially formulated to clean dogs teeth and gums and freshen dog breath. For dogs (and owners!) for whom brushing dogs teeth isn't an appealing option, Dog Mate Tuff Chews and Dentease Dog Bones are both available in a range of sizes to suit all dogs. We also stock Greenies which are great for cleaning dogs teeth.

For your dog's general health, with out a doubt the most useful - and potentially life saving - is the Dog First Aid Kit, which comes with a comprehensive instruction leaflet. For dogs with sound anxiety (from fireworks to transport) the dog Sounds CD is proven by professional dog behaviousists to desensitise your dog to these noises. HomeoPet Dog Anxiety Drops are a natural way to calm your dog, along with our Calming Music For Pets CD.

Dog t shirts are useful year-round dog garments. Dog T Shirts help keep the chill off in the cooler months making them great dog pyjamas and, if dog t shirts are soaked in cold water, it will help keep your dog cool during the summer. Bonnie Dogs also offers a Design Your Own Dog T Shirts service, so you get your perfect unique design. Dog T shirts can also help calm nervous dogs during times of stress for instance during thunderstorms, fireworks or travelling. By wearing the t shirt your dog may feel more secure and comforted helping to reduce stress.

Dogs love the sun, but need to be protected from it. Doggles and Canine Dog hats keep the sun out of their eyes, and Car Sunshades can help keep some of the heat off when travelling by car. Dog Sunscreen is essential for dogs with light skin and pink noses, and can even help reduce bleaching in dog coats. In hot weather, cooling dog bandanas effectively keep your dog cool - soaking a Dog T-Shirt in cold water can also do the trick in cooling your dog down.

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