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Bonnie Dogs Blog - Dog Caring, Measuring and Grooming

Muddy Dogs

2nd Feb 2017

Muddy Dogs

My Dog Is So Muddy!

The hard ground is thawing and the rain is pouring which only means one thing mud mud and more mud! The puddles are everywhere and there are no dry walks in the area unless you road walk 'how boring you hear the dogs howl'.

If your dog loves a puddle like Legend in the following video, then please watch and read on for some helpful tips on how to deal with mud.

You can reduce the amount of mud that gathers on your dog which then scatters all around your home by doing a few things

Having your dog professionally groomed will really help. A shorter less dense coat is a lot easier and quicker to dry. A dog with no fur under and between their paws will not have mud slippers for shoes. Also ask your dog groomer if they feel your dog would benefit from having their groin and belly clipped down, if clipped properly you can not notice the shorter hair underneath until your dog asks for a belly rub.

Does your Dog Groomer offer a Do It Yourself Dog Wash? We do here at Bonnie Dogs and it is so popular during the winter months. You get to wash and dry your dog with warm water and a hair dryer in a safe environment. Bathing your dog no more than once a month will also help with the build up of mud sticking to the under coat.

Using Animology Fox Poo shampoo at this time of year is a good choice, as your dogs are running through the puddles with all sorts splashing all over them and then rolling in the grass to dry themselves! Suddenly your dog that does not normally intentionally roll in those unmentionable things smells like they have.

Invest in a moisture absorbing towel or two and keep them in the car a good rub down before the journey home with the car heater on really does pay off rather than waiting until you get back.

Restrict your dogs access when returning home from a wet walk keep them in a room without soft furnishings. Place towels down and let your dog dry naturally in the warm, once dry brush all the mud out with a slicker brush.

Invest in a doggy trouser suit they really do work. Once your dog gets used to wearing the coat you will not believe the time saved on drying and brushing your dog as well as mopping and hoovering those floors.

spaniel in trouser suit

If you have any handy tips to keeping the mud at bay please do comment below.


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