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Keeping your dog safe this Bonfire Night

5th Nov 2016

Keeping your dog safe this Bonfire Night

Remember, remember your pet this November. Dogs have hearing at least four times greater than ours so Fireworks must be so frightening for them. If you do have a dog that is scared of fireworks there are many ways you can help keep your dog calm and safe this Bonfire Night.

Provide your dog with a secure hiding place

Make sure your dog has somewhere safe and secure to hide, your dog may have a certain spot in the house they feel most comfortable in so will retreat here when the fireworks start, tables and cupboards make great hiding places, behind the sofa is also another great hiding spot. If your dog chooses to hide and is safe just leave them there and let them come out in their own time.

Make sure that your home is secure

Make sure all animals are inside your house where they will feel safe and the fireworks will not be as loud. Make sure that all windows are closed and the curtains are shut, even seeing the fireworks can spook animals because of the sudden appearance of bright light and colours. Put the television or radio on to cover up the noise, you may have to turn the volume up and if you have more than one TV or radio it might be worth putting those on too, so the noise is drowned out in every room. Act as if everything is normal, if dogs pick up on you acting differently they will start to become stressed. If you need to take your dog into the garden while fireworks are still going off always go out with them and to help them feel secure and not bolt even from the most secure of gardens put them on a lead. Your dog will feel a lot more comfortable if you are at home with them so try your best not to leave them on their own.

Give your dog lots of toys to distract them

Ensure your dog has plenty of toys to play with to keep them busy in the evenings, you can also buy treats such as Kongs and Activity treat balls that keep them busy all night as they try to get all the treats out. If toys are not your dogs thing then you can play hide and seek games around the living room with treats, this will easily keep them distracted from whats going on outside.

Use plug in diffusers and calming sprays

Use a plug in diffuser that releases pheromones or natural homoepathic remidies into the atmosphere around your dogs home, these help calm them down but is not a sedation. These last up to 6 weeks so will last over the fireworks season. A calming spray is also available which does the same job, spray around your home directly onto furniture and bedding to relax your dog. This can be used in conjunction with the plug in for best results.

Thunder Shirt for Dogs

The Thunder Shirt applies a constant pressure and has an amazing calming effect for most dogs, also aiding anxiety, fearfulness, over excitement and barking. Put the jacket on your dog before the fireworks start. Dog t-shirts have also been known to help calm dogs down too, however, the garment will need to be a tighter fit for it to work.

Rescue remedy drops - A great method if you have Bach Rescue Remedy Drops or Spray in your home

Bach Rescue Remedy that we use for ourselves to help with anxiety can be given to dogs and is another herbal remedy that contains ingredients to help relax and calm  when it is needed. Contains the ingredient Mimulus which help dogs become more confident and overcome fears. Add drops to water before the fireworks start for the remedy to take effect, you can also use the drops by rubbing the Rescue Remedy into your dogs ear tips and top of the head. If your dogs stress levels increase at a rapid rate the drops can be placed directly on the tongue or on a treat and given to your dog, however the drops do taste like alcohol so dogs can dislike them. As Rescue Remedy contains Brandy use sparingly and if your dog does not like the taste or vomits after it is given do not use again.


If you use the different methods above you are sure to help keep your dog calm and safe during the Firework season. Just always remember your dogs safety and prepare yourselves especially if you know your dog can be nervous. For more information on how to keep your dog calm or help them overcome their fear of Fireworks please take a look at our blog post we have written on the topic.

Dogs and Fireworks


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