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Bonnie Dogs Blog - Dog Caring, Measuring and Grooming

Dogs and Halloween

29th Oct 2016

Dogs and Halloween

Halloween can be good fun for you and your dog as long as you are careful and know what dangers there can be. If your dog enjoys being dressed up they can celebrate with you. There are some great Halloween dog costumes and outfits available so they can join in the festivities too. There are also some great dog toys on the market which are Halloween themed which make perfect dog safe decorations for your home. So that your dog does not feel left out when the children are eating their sweets from trick or treating you can also buy Halloween themed dog biscuits and treats.

Food and Treats

Halloween is great fun for children and the whole family, but it is a time of year when sweets, treats and chocolates are everywhere. Be careful of children eating sweets around dogs as they are poisonous to dogs, please read our poisonous foods and plants to dogs blog post for more information. Although Pumpkin is safe for dogs to eat and they may enjoy it, be cautious when carving pumpkins if the seeds fall on the floor as these can be a choking hazard. Also be aware that pumpkin also acts as a laxative so make sure your dog does not eat too much of it as you maybe in for a long night and your dog can become very poorly. Dogs with diarrhoea can become dehydrated quickly so always get your dog checked by a vet.


Decorations can be a general hazard to your dog especially if your dog loves to eat and chew anything, make sure that decorations are out of your dogs reach. They can also be quite frightening to animals as this is unfamiliar in their home.


Dressing up is great fun for people but humans dressed up for dogs can be terrifying. Masks are a very common accessory for Halloween and a dog that is very familiar with you may suddenly become very nervous if they see you with a mask on. If you are having a party ensure that all dogs in the home are somewhere safe so they are not disturbed and do not become distressed.

Trick or Treaters

Your house may be very busy with trick or treaters knocking at your door or ringing the bell. The door will be constantly opening so ensure that dogs are secure so they can not escape and run when the door is opened. If your dog is especially nervous of people and strangers then make sure they are somewhere where they can relax safely and not access the front door. Your dog may get spooked by someone in a mask making terrifying noises at your door. They may act aggressively through fear or bolt from your home.


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  • halloween and dogs
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