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Bonnie Dogs Blog - Dog Caring, Measuring and Grooming

Dogs and Interactive Toys

19th Aug 2016

Dogs and Interactive Toys

There are a great range of Interactive Toys available for your dog and here at Bonnie Dogs we stock a variety of them.

What is an Interactive Dog Toy?

An interactive dog toy is a toy that needs to be used by the dog for it to work, or by the owner. For example the owner needs to fill up a Kong with treats to make it more effective and a dog needs to roll around an Activity Ball to release the treats.


Kongs are a great interactive toy and they are one of the most popular and have been for many years. Kongs are hard rubber toys designed to bounce and endure a lot of hard chewing, they feature a hole down the middle which can be filled with treats. Our favourite method is to fill a Kong up with Peanut Butter or Philidelphia cheese to keep dogs busy, even better try freezing them as it makes the filling last a little longer.

Activity Treat Balls

Activity Treat Balls are hollow balls designed to be filled with treats, a dog has to roll the ball on the around on the floor to release the treats from a hole that can be adjusted to suit the size of the treats that have been inserted. It is a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically active and can keep them enteratined for hours.

Chew Guard Range

We also stock the Chew Guard Range here at Bonnie Dogs, this range of plush toys is made from different materials that are great fun for your dog, some of these materials can make noises for example a wing might crackle while the plush body might squeak. They are available in a range of cute animal designs including, Dragon, Pig, Lion, Rooster and Donkey.

Longshots Launcher / Tennis Ball Thrower

This interactive toy is best used when out on open fields as it is a toy designed like a slingshot and can launch toys a great distance. They are another alterantive to the tennis ball thrower and are great for dogs that love plush toys. 

Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Bone

A great alternative to the Kong, this toy is also really good for your dogs teeth and helps remove plaque build up. Features raised grooves on the bone which massage your dogs gums while they chew. It helps discourage destructive chewing, cleans teeth and fights boredom a Perfect dental bone for powerful chewers. You can also smear Peanut Butter and Philidelphia in the grooves to keep your dog enteratined for longer.

If you have or know of an interactive dog toy that you and your dog love please do let us know in the comments below.

Take a look at our whole range of Interactive Dog Toys here.


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