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Bonnie Dogs Blog - Dog Caring, Measuring and Grooming

Keeping your dog well exercised during the Summer Months

29th Jun 2016

Keeping your dog well exercised during the Summer Months

There are plenty of exercise and activities available for dogs to do of all sizes, for example smaller breeds such as the Toy Poodle enjoys activities such as Agility and Medium dogs such as Collies for example love Flyball while large dogs like Newfoundland’s might enjoy swimming.

There is an activity suitable for every breed to keep them healthy and happy. It is very important to keep your dog active and healthy, for more information please see our blog post on Healthy Dogs. If you do not exercise your dog regularly your dog will start gaining weight which can cause serious health problems, if they carry on gaining weight they can even become obese.


Providing your dog with off lead walks everyday for at least an hour will keep them physically fit and healthy. Dogs love to stretch their legs and there are plenty of beautiful countryside walks around the UK that you and your dog can do. Make sure that you take your dog to different places so they have the mental stimulation of the different smells and meet different dogs and people. Don't just take your dog to the local park take your dog to the Beach, Woods, Commons, Parks and Lakes so your dog can experience a range of different sights, sounds and smells.

Obedience Training

Another activity you and your dog can get involved in is obedience training. Owners will find training their dog very rewarding and dogs love to please their owners for a treat or two. If you and your dog start getting good at obedience training you may also be able to start taking part in competitions.


Agility is a great way for you and your dog to work together and both keep fit and active. There are many Agility clubs and Training classes around the UK so you are bound to find a group or club to suit you and your dog. You can take this activity as seriously as you want if you and your dog are fast and precise you can go on to take part in competitions. Maybe your not interested in competing but if you and your dog enjoy this activty then just go along and have some fun.


Flyball is fast, fun and energetic and a great way for dogs to keep fit. Two opposing teams race head to head against each other on a parallel course. Four dogs take part and they have to jump over four hurdles grab the tennis ball from the flyball box and then race back to the finish. Dogs love this sport and they are kept in tip top shape. There are also plenty of Flyball teams and clubs around the UK that you are able to join and they start at different levels for beginners and more advanced dogs.


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