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Dogs and Snow

3rd Feb 2015

Dogs and Snow

It's snowing!

Snow, you either love it or you hate it, however for most dogs they just can't get enough of it. Snow can be great fun for your dog to play in, there are all sorts of new smells and sights to see as the landscapes look very different covered in a white blanket of snow. Some dogs love to run in it, some dogs love to roll in it and some dogs just love to eat it. This may sound like a lot of fun at first but there can be certain dangers snow can cause to your dog which you may not even consider at first.

What to look out for when walking your dog in the snow?

For dogs that love to run in the snow you need to be very careful about where your dog is walked. The ground is covered in a white blanket so you have no idea what your dog is running on, be careful of very sharp bushes as these can even impale your dogs feet causing a lot of damage which will need to be treated by a Vet. Other things to consider is frozen water NEVER let your dog run over a frozen lake as you never know how stable it is and can be fatal if your dog falls in. Take a lot of caution when out walking and think responsibly on where you let your dog run. Ice is very slippery and dogs that just love to tear around may slip and cause damage to their legs, if you know your dog loves to sprint then keep a close eye on them especially in new places you are walking. Ice is not just slippery it is also very sharp and can take shape like a spear, sometimes these can hang of walls and when they start to melt break of and fall becoming a hazard to your dog. Although the chances of your dog getting hit by the ice is slim always be cautious if you notice any out on walks or in your own garden.

Dogs can also suffer from frost bite, especially short haired breads that are more

An option to consider if your dog loves running in the snow is purchasing some dog boots for your dog. Your dog will be able to run throughout the snow while their feet are protected by the boots. Snow can cause your dogs feet to become sore and irritated, once you return from your walk even if your dog has worn dog boots always wipe their paws clean to remove any ice that may be stuck in your dogs pads. If your dog has lots of fur on their ears, paws and legs snow will get stuck and cover your dog with snowballs. You must be very careful to remove this snow and warm up your dogs ears, paws and legs slowly. If the snow is left on your dog their toes may freeze and have to be removed with surgery, so always remove the snow slowly by rubbing them down with a towel ensuring their legs paws and ears are warm and dry.

Anti-freeze poisoning

There are some cruel people in this world and your dog can even be poisoned without you realising, adding anti-freeze to dog bowls full of water or adding them to foods and leaving them around parks is an easy way to poison a hungry dog or cat. Normally people do this if they are having a fox problem in their garden but this is very cruel causing foxes, dogs and cats to suffer painful deaths.

Anti-freeze tastes sweet to animals so they will easily drink or eat food or water that contains the substance, if you have spilt any in your garden or on your drive ensure you have cleaned it all up and any mops you used to clean it are out of a pets reach.

If your dog starts showing signs such as increased heart rate, shallow breathing, tiredness and staggering contact your vet immediately as your dog may need emergency veterinary treatment. If you know of any or come across any food or water in local parks and in your neighbourhood that may contain anti-freeze then contact your local authority and police.

Wiping your dogs paws after walks may also save their life, especially if it has snowed and the roads have been gritted. The grit that is spread on the roads contains anti-freeze once cars drive over this it turns into slush and will spread across the roads and even on the paths, if your dog walks through the slush they then will have anti-freeze on their paws. Once your dog gets home they will normally lick their paws clean which will result your dog in ingesting the anti-freeze and making your dog seriously ill. To avoid this happening ensure that as soon as you return home from a walk your dogs paws are wiped clean.

If your dog loves to eat snow be very careful that they do not eat too much in one go as this can make them vomit and their stomach to freeze. Snow is another water source for your dog during the Winter so will not harm your dog when eaten in small amounts. Some dogs have been known to eat snow to cool their mouths down if they have a sore tooth, this has been very helpful at indicating owners that their dog needs a trip to the Vets.


  • Dogs and snow
  • snow and dogs
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  • snow dangers to dogs

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